05 December 2007

Gundam Seed Destiny: Stella Loussier

gundam seed destiny cosplay - stella stellar loussierStella Loussier is one of the 3 experiments of the Naturals, labeled as an “Extended Human”, someone who is born naturally, but could fight in the same efficiency as a Coordinator. Extended Humans do not have their DNA altered like Coordinators; rather, they use other means such as drugs to enhance their fighting ability.

Stella, or “Stellar” in some markets, is a gifted Gundam Pilot who suffers from a personality disorder. She is generally sweet and child-like when she is surrounded by people who are most important to her. But when she is in danger, or hears the word “death”, she becomes a totally different person, a ruthless killer who kills and destroys everything in her way.

Such a cute Stella! Oh, I cropped the original image from Photobucket. You can view the original by clicking the image.

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