28 October 2011

Chobits: Freya and Elda (Chi)

chobits cosplay - freya and elda (chi) by mimi

Created by Mihara Ichiro to be Hibiya's daughters, Freya and Elda lived happily with the couple until Freya fell in love with her own father and creator. Freya knew that Ichiro loved Hibiya dearly, so she suppressed her feelings until she could no longer move. At the point where she decided to self-terminate, Elda offered to take Freya’s heart into her own so that she would not disappear completely.

Cute cosplay by Mimi and her best friend (whose name I’ve yet to find out)! I’m really impressed with the details of their costume, and great choice of background too! Thanks again to Mimi for sharing this with us!


  1. So pretty. I went to check out her blog. I didn't know they were from the philippines. Looked either Korean or from Singapore.

  2. Yeah, I was surprised as well. :) They're both very pretty~