08 October 2011

Mai Otome: Erstin Ho

mai otome cosplay - erstin ho by kipiOne of Yumemiya Arika’s roommates and a good friend of Nina Wong’s, Estin Ho is a sweet, friendly, and often quiet girl who is the 17th Coral in her class. Hailing from the country of Annan, her parents are known to be very wealthy; enough to pay her hefty tuition fees. She and Irina Woods serve as Higurashi Akane’s room attendants.

Another cute cosplay by Kipi! The uniforms for this anime is really cute. It’s making me curious how good the series is. Thanks again to Stilzkin for sending this in!


  1. If you ever can find the time you should watch it mei ! it's realy a wonderfull story imo :)

  2. I'll keep it in my "to watch" list. :D My nephew wants me to watch Code Geass and Steins;Gate first! xD;;;