13 October 2011

MPD Psycho: Kobayashi Yosuke

mpd psycho cosplay - kobayashi yosuke by symphony of lost aria

When Detective Kobayashi Yosuke was assigned to the case of a serial killer who dismembered his victims, he never thought his own girlfriend would later become one of the victims. She was said to have been mutilated but kept alive; the trauma of which began to make Yosuke lose his sanity. As a result, he developed a dissociative identity disorder, with two main personalities being a cool headed detective known as Amamiya Kazuhiko, and a reckless psychopath named Nishizono Shinji.

Another impressive collection by Symphony of the Lost Aria group! The cosplayer fooled me for a minute or two, because I thought there were 6 different people! Thanks again to the group for allowing me to post this!


  1. I started reading the manga thanks to this <3
    pretty interesting so far~ x3

  2. Gotta admit, I want to read this series now too. x3~