06 October 2011

Gundam Seed Destiny: Lacus Clyne 02

gundam seed destiny cosplay - lacus clyne 2

In the beginning of the 2nd season, Lacus was living with Kira Yamato at Reverend Malchio’s Orphanage in the Marshall Islands. However, the peaceful days came to an abrupt end when a disaster from the new war forced them to move in with their former comrades, Andrew Waltfeld and Murrue Ramius at their shared mansion in Orb. The Coordinators made an attempt on Lacus’ life, but Kira was able to defeat them with the Freedom.

Cute cosplayer and oh-so-many Haros! I love how she colored her eyebrows pink, those blue eyes are really captivating! Thanks again to Michelle for sending this!

EDIT: Thanks to kohta for letting me know the cosplayer is Saya!


  1. farewell saya...

  2. Aww, yeah, you're right, this is Saya! ;x; I really am terrible with faces. ;_;