23 October 2011

Naruto: Otogakure Ninja and Nara Shikamaru

naruto cosplay - otogakure ninja and nara shikamaru

Nara Shikamaru is a ninja known for his sense of apathy, as he forfeited his match to Temari due to his low chakra level. Despite this loss, he is the only ninja among his peers to be promoted as a Chunin, because the overseers of the exams were impressed by his intelligence and insight. Shikamaru was appointed the leader of a team tasked to prevent Uchiha Sasuke from defecting to the village of Otogakure. However, despite being able to defeat the Otogakure ninja barring their way, Sasuke managed to escape.

I’m pretty sure those shadows were edited into the photo, but wow, this is a great reenactment of the scene from the anime! Thanks to Amara for sending this in!


  1. I'm pretty sure the otonins were duplicated to make it look like multiples rather than 1 person.

  2. Nice picture. I've always admired shikamaru.

  3. Anon: Probably? They all look too similar to be different people. :D

    Al: Yes, I also think he is an adorable character. :3

    Tiffy: I know, but that's the biggest resolution Amara sent me. @_@;;;