05 October 2011

Kanokon: Minamoto Chizuru 02

kanokon cosplay - minamoto chizuru by lobitahA carefree, second year student at Oyamada Kouta’s school, Minamoto Chizuru may appear to be a normal teenager, but she is actually a powerful 400-year-old kitsune. When she changes her form, her black hair turns blond and she gains fox ears and a tail. She is also seen constantly hanging around Kouta, as he is the only male she acts genuinely towards because of her love for him.

Cute cosplay by Lobitah! She really does look like she’s focusing really hard on someone. Maybe the photographer looks like Kouta? Thanks to Jamie for sending this in!


  1. woaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa so cute!!!!

  2. woaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa so cute!!!! + 10

  3. Great cosplay. one of the things we can't beat the japanese at