07 October 2011

Unknown Entry 110

unknown cosplay 110 from summer comiket 2011More cute cosplayers from Summer Comiket 2011! This time, it’s a Chinese waitress with- pandas on her head?

The character design are really getting interesting these days. I have no clue which character or series this is from, but kudos to Marcello Masiero for the awesome photography! Thanks also to Tatiana for sending this in!


  1. Hi, thanks for the kudos :)
    if you want you can check more of the pics on my flickr account :D


    i like that picture but it's a shame that i haven't centered her very well....that day was VERY hot and full of people, very difficult to take pictures....

  2. Hello Marcello! Thank you for stopping by!

    I've been looking for an account to link you to! Now that you've found me, I hope you don't mind that I post more from your photo set. :D Full credits to you of course. :3

  3. no problem at all :D i like to share my pictures :) there is the one from the comiket of 2009 too :D
    and some cosplayers friend of mine if you need :)

  4. Lol only now i noticed how bad was my english on previous post :P

    Sorry and i have sent you an email, feel free to contact me if you need something or some help :D


  5. I've just gone through your FLickr account. Lots of amazing cosplays there to choose from! I will link any photo that I will use for Cosplay Holic. :)

    Thank you again! <3