25 March 2015

7th Dragon 2020: Hatsune Miku

7th dragon 2020 cosplay - hatsune miku

Did you know that Hatsune Miku makes an appearance in “7th Dragon 2020”?

In the year 2020, dragons from outer space have decided to invade the earth and make it uninhabitable by spreading harmful, extraterrestrial plants known as “Flowaro”. The player is tasked to rescue Miku in one of its missions, and the reward gives Squad 13 an alternative BGM option that changes all music into remixes done with Miku’s voice.

It think that sounds lovely, don’t you? I love Miku’s voice, even though I don’t know a lot of her songs. Thanks again to Mikachu for sharing this!

Source: Fandomsky on WordPress

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