23 March 2015

Fruits Basket: Souma Hiro

fruits basket cosplay - souma hiro by pinotaroCursed with the Spirit of the Goat, Souma Hiro is an arrogant 11-year-old, who loves Souma Kisa more than anything in the world. However, when he told Akito about his love for Kisa, Akito attacked Kisa and ended up in the hospital. Hiro knew that it was because of his confession that Kisa ended up getting hurt, so he decided to stay away from Kisa in order to keep her safe.

I remember falling in love with this series when the anime debuted at a local convention. Actually, it wasn’t even a convention, it was a film viewing / gathering since anime and manga were not really that common back then. A friend and I were fangirling all over Yuki at the time, and we didn’t care that we got weird looks then, haha!

Anyway, please support Japanese cosplayer, PINOtaro and visit her sites: Archive, Blog, Tumblr, Twitter, and World Cosplay. Thanks to Katy for suggesting this!

Source: ぴの太郎 on World Cosplay

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