11 March 2015

Vocaloid 2: Hatsune Miku 61

vocaloid cosplay - hatsune miku wearing a chinese dress

今日も謝謝 お疲れ様
Thank you for your hard work today
お気に入りの席 開けて置いたよ
We have your favorite seat ready for you

Loosen your tie a bit
Then choose whatever food you’d like

青椒肉絲(チンジャオロース)に 蟹玉 回鍋肉(ホイコーロー)
Peppered Steak, Crab Balls, or Twice-Cooked Pork
食べきれ ないほど とびきりのサービスしてあげる
Aside from food, I’ll give you great service

“China Dress”
Lyrics from AtWiki
Translation by Kurohiko

Hatsune Miku looks adorable in a Chinese Dress, so I thought this song would be appropriate. Unfortunately, my Japanese is not very good, but I hope it’s more or less a good translation of this cute song! Thanks to Mikachu for sending this in!

Source: Fandomsky on WordPress

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