01 March 2015

Starry Sky: Shiranui Kazuki (Aries)

starry sky cosplay - shiranui kazuki (aries) by umiya96The representation of Aries, Shiranui Kazuki is the arrogant Student Council President of Seigetsu who has the ability of foresight. Despite being hot-headed, he is extremely charismatic and is seen as the fatherly figure by the rest of the student council. Kazuki recruited Yahisa Tsukiko, Aozora Hayato, and Amaha Tsubasa as fellow student council member after foreseeing the happy future they would have together.

Hongkonger Umiya Kuro (海弥黒)’s cosplay of Kazuki is quite amazing, wouldn’t you agree? Please do give him your support through Facebook, Weibo, and World Cosplay! Thanks again to Florentine for sending this in!

Source: 海弥黒 on World Cosplay

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