05 March 2015

Love Live! Cast 02

love live! cosplay cast - toujo nozomi, sonoda umi, ayaze eri, koizumi hanayo, aizawa nico, kousaka honoka, and minami kotori

This clear thought we share binds us together,
本気でも不器用 ぶつかり合うこころ
We're serious, but still clumsy. Our hearts met as we bumped into each other.
But still, we want to see this big dream of ours through.
ここにあるよ 始まったばかり
It began right about here!

“We're Here in the Present”
Lyrics and Translation by Anime Lyrics

Aren’t they beautiful? Not sure who the other cosplayers are, but please visit Rodail on World Cosplay for more of her work! Thanks to Love Live! on Google+ for sharing this!

Source: Rodail on World Cosplay
First seen in: Love Live! on Google+

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