25 February 2015

Vocaloid 2: Kaito and Hatsune Miku 03

vocaloid 2 cosplay - kaito by kaname and hatsune miku by saya

もし あの頃と同じように
わたしが 空き地で泣いていたなら
If I cry on the empty lot like I used to
また あの時と同じように
あなたは 守ってくれるのかしら
Will you solace me like you used to?

あの頃は 何もあまり考えず
In those days I vaguely believed
あなたのお嫁さんになると 思ってた
I would be your bride

まだ これからも同じように
As usual, let me walk with you
歩いて ゆこうね
Holding each other’s hands
手をつないで どこまでも
To the end of the world

“Just Like We Used to Be”
Lyrics by Vocaloid Lyrics | Translation by Vocaloid English

I still can’t believe Saya is gone… it makes me sad whenever I remember this, but I’m very happy that there are still many photos of her around. Many thanks to Saya’s fans who maintain her Fan Site!

Source: Angel Cosplayer Saya on Blogspot

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