12 March 2015

Sword Art Online: Gun Gale Online: Kirito 02

sword art online - gun gale online - kirito (girl version)Like all new players, Kirito had minimal funds when he entered Gun Gale Online. He knew he had to get a lot of money in the game fast if he wanted to enter the 3rd Bullet of Bullets event and find the Death Gun. He managed to come across a bullet dodging game when Sinon was giving him a tour, and used his previous experience with NPC targeting to win the game. Most of his winnings were used up in buying a laser sword, the Kagemitsu G4, a weapon he is most comfortable with despite have to go against other players equipped with guns.

I really hope I get to cosplay this character some day. Maybe when all the hype is gone so that I can gather enough courage to do so, haha! Thanks to Lorry for sending this in!

Source: SAO 52pk

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