06 March 2015

Fate/Unlimited Codes: Saber Lily 07

fate/unlimited codes cosplay - saber lily by banr

白く 白く 真白な未来が
This bright, bright white future
たった ひとつ 僕達の希望
Is our one and only hope
今の僕には 闇雲な このきもち しかないけど
Right now I don’t have anything but these reckless feelings
正解なんて ひとつじゃない
But there's not just one right answer
僕だけの明日を探してる ずっと
I’m always searching for a tomorrow that's just for me

凍てつく空に 鈍る感覚
The frozen sky dulls sensation
それでも 手を伸ばして
But even so, reach out your hand

“Ideal White” by Anime Lyrics
with transliteration by Haze~
and translation by bluepenguin

A beautiful Saber Lily cosplay by Hongkonger, Banr(板儿)! Please be sure to visit her on World Cosplay and Twitter! Thanks to Cosplay and Anime Game World for sharing this!

Source: 板儿 on World Cosplay
First seen in: Cosplay and Anime Game World on Google+

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