09 March 2015

Starry Sky: Tohzuki Suzuya (Cancer)

starry sky cosplay - tohzuki suzuya (cancer) by kagami sakiThe representation of Cancer, Tohzuki Suzuya is a childhood friend of Yahisa Tsukiko’s and Nanami Kanata’s. He is the reliable “older brother” of the trio who does his best to keep them out of harm’s way. At Seigetsu Academy, he would often use the school’s kitchen to cook and prepare food for his friends. He loves Tsukiko dearly, but because Kanata is also in love with her, Suzuya decided to hold back his feelings.

Japanese cosplayer Kagami Saki (カガミ 咲) makes such a lovely Suzuya! As always, please support the cosplayer through her Archive, Blog, Cure, Twitter, and World Cosplay accounts! Thanks again to Florentine for sending this in!

Source: Saki (カガミ 咲) on World Cosplay

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