08 March 2015

Naruto: Haruno Sakura 05

naruto cosplay - haruno sakura by ito yui

Although she could be considered as a boy-crazy, spoiled brat in the beginning of the series, Haruno Sakura is a compassionate and courageous girl who is willing to sacrifice herself to defend her team mates, Uzumaki Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke. She has always had a deep infatuation for Sasuke, and thus finds Naruto’s advances irksome. Sakura is noted for her scholastic intelligence in the Academy and, by training under Master Tsunande, becomes a strong kunoichi and an excellent medical-nin.

I never thought pink hair could look so natural, but Ito Yui certainly pulls it off without a hitch! She’s definitely one of the cutest Sakura’s I’ve seen! Anyway, please visit the the official Naruto Stage website for the full cast list and the actors’ profiles!

Source: Naruto Stage

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