04 March 2015

Touken Ranbu: Mikazuki Munechika

touken ranbu cosplay - mikazuki munechika by reika

Mikazuki Munechika is a character based on one of the tenka goken, a group of Japanese swords famous for their history or beauty. The katana was created near the end of the 11th century by Sanjo Munechika, who lived during the mid-Heian period. Mikazuki is the representative of the Sanjo signature, as its unique crescent moon pattern makes it the most beautiful of the five swords.

An online, web browser game based on infamous swords? Japan sure is creative in making sure the younger generation learn about its rich history! And beautiful Japanese cosplayers like Reika also help preserve Japanese culture, wouldn’t you agree?

Please visit Reika on Archive, Cure, Facebook, Twitter, Weibo, or World Cosplay! Thanks to Patricia for sending this in!

Source: REIKA on World Cosplay

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