04 February 2015

Vocaloid 2: Hatsune Miku 58

vocaloid 2 cosplay - hatsune miku 58

わがまま 陰口 乗り過ごし
Selfish people, gossiping, missing my station
書き間違え 腹痛 怒鳴り声
Miswriting, stomachache, angry shouting
間が悪い着信 人混み
Incoming calls at the wrong time, the crowd
To all of them

お断りします お断りします 断固
No thank you, no thank you, absolutely
お断りします ご遠慮します
No thank you, leave me alone

“No Thank You”
Lyrics and Translation by Vocalochu

This song’s kinda cute for something so full of angst, haha! Anyway, isn’t this cosplay of Miku amazing? It reminds me of append for some reason. Thanks to Ellen for sending this in!

Source: lovers ♡ cosplay on tumblr

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