17 October 2013

Vocaloid 2: Hatsune Miku 48

vocaloid 2 cosplay hatsune miku by sakura noa散弾銃とテレキャスター 言葉の整列、アンハッピー
Shotgun and a Telecaster; words aligned, how unhappy.
単身、都会の町並み 撃ち込んだ音、嫌いですか?
All alone in the city, you hate the sound of a gunshot, don’t you?

声が潰れるまで歌って 何度の時間を棒に振った
The sound of my singing breaking apart, it wasted so much of my time.
やっとのこと手に入れたアンタ 手離す訳にいかないでしょ
With you falling in my hands, I cannot dare let you go.

“Unhappy Refrain”
Lyrics by Vocalochu
Translation by Hoshifura

Needless to say, deadlines have been eating away at your Cosplay Holic admin! But I do have some exciting news though! Oh No! Manga has invited me to become one of their guest judges for their cosplay competition at OctoCon. Frankly, I’m absolutely nervous about the idea, but I will do my best to judge fairly!

I just hope no one throws rotten tomatoes and eggs at me, haha!

Source: Sakura Noa on World Cosplay

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