07 February 2015

Naruto: Shikamaru Nara 02

naruto cosplay - shikamaru nara by hattori tsubasa

Shikamaru Nara had always been a seemingly unenthusiastic kid who preferred to watch the clouds over practically everything else. If he could, he would much rather avoid “troublesome” activities such as training and fighting. Although he claims to be “the number one coward”, he actually has a strong sense of justice, and would sacrifice himself for the sake of his comrades without a second thought.

I’m pretty sure most of you have already heard about the new Naruto Stage coming out next month in Japan, and that many of you have probably seen the cast photos everywhere, but… I thought I’d feature them one at a time anyway! A lot of my friends are swooning over Hattori Tsubaba’s portrayal of Nara, so I suppose I should feature him first. Thanks to Kotaku of sharing this!

Source: Kotaku

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