19 February 2015

Tokyo Ghoul: Kirishima Ayato

tokyo ghoul cosplay - kirishima ayato by haltAn arrogant teenager in his own right, Kirishima Ayato is the younger brother of Kirishima Touka, who goes by the alias “Black Rabbit”. He and his sister share many similarities, including their short tempers and their tendencies to use foul language which could often be considered as inappropriate. Ayato firmly believes in the notion that “the weak perish and the strong survive”, a survival instinct triggered by the death of his parents.

Japanese cosplayer Halt cosplays Ayato very well, wouldn’t you agree? I’ll be watching this series as soon as I finish my deadlines just so I can finally have an idea what people are raving about. As usual, please support the cosplayer by visiting her sites: Archive, Cure, Twitter, and World Cosplay! Thanks to Anime for sharing this!

Source: halt on Cosplayers Archive
First seen in: Anime on Google+

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