23 February 2015

Starry Sky: Hoshizuki Kotarou (Libra)

starry sky cosplay - hoshizuki kotarou (libra) by NAO

The representation of Libra, Hoshizuki Kotarou is the klutzy school nurse who once had ambitions of becoming a doctor. He always appears to be very sleepy and somewhat irresponsible as he is often absent from the nurse’s office when he’s needed. Kotarou was raised alongside Mizushima Iku and his twin sister Yui, and they continue to maintain a strong, sibling-like bond.

Taiwanese cosplayer NAO (ナオ直) looks fantastic as Kotarou! Please be sure to give her your support through World Cosplay and Facebook. Thanks to Florentine for sending this in!

Source: ナオ直 on World Cosplay

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