12 February 2015

Starry Sky: Kinose Azusa (Sagittarius)

starry sky cosplay - kinose azusa (sagittarius) by fayThe representation of Sagittarius, Kinose Azusa is a cocky first year who appears to be confident in himself, declaring how he is a “natural genius”. In fact, this facade is only to hide his insecurities as he cannot seem to put his heart into anything. Azusa is a member of the Archery Club, and he inspired Tsukiko to become better at the sport.

Doesn’t Fay (詩詩) make a lovely Azusa? I don’t really like characters like Azusa, but I’m still impressed with how well Fay portrays him! Thanks to Elena for sending this in!

Source: Fay (詩詩) on World Cosplay

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