28 February 2015

Naruto: Yakushi Kabuto

naruto cosplay - yakushi kabuto by kimura tatsunari

A nukenin or “runaway shinobi”, Yakushi Kabuto was orphaned by war and taken in by an orphanage in Konohagakure. As he was suffering from amnesia, Kabuto is not his real name, but a nickname given to him by Yakushi Nono, the nun who found him. He was pressured into becoming a shinobi by Shimura Danzo, who demanded an orphan from Nono in exchange for funding. Kabuto thus became a spy for the village, assuming many identities which left him unsure of who he truly was.

Doesn’t Kimura Tatsumari look amazing as Kabuto? I’m beginning to wish I could see this stage play for myself, even though I’ve never read or watched Naruto before. Please check out the full cast on the official Naruto Stage website!

Source: Naruto Stage

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