20 February 2015

Gintama: Hijikata Toushirou 02

gintama cosplay - hijikata toushirou by xilou76

“I just wanted the woman I love to be happy, that’s all.”

- Gintama Wiki

The son of a rich farmer and his mistress, Toushirou had always been considered an outsider by his family, save for his brother, Hijikata Tamegoro, who welcomed Toushirou into his home with open arms. When he was only 11, the Hijikata household was attacked by bandits during a large village fire. Tamegoro protected his brother, but unfortunately, he ended up losing his eyes. Driven by rage, Toushirou unconsciously attacked the bandits, injuring their eyes the same way they did to Tamegoro. Toushirou’s other siblings witnessed the incident and ostracized Toushirou, calling him “Thorny Toshi”, forcing Toushirou to leave his home and become a ronin.

Cosplayer Xi Lou 76 makes quite an impressive Toushirou, wouldn’t you agree? Please visit his Facebook page for more of his work and support him! Thanks again to Aerie for sending this in!

Source: 夕樓76 on Facebook
First seen in: MYN ILLEBYION on Wordpress

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