02 February 2015

Tokyo Ghoul: Uta

tokyo ghoul cosplay - uta by lalaax

A “ghoul” or human-like creature who hunts and devours human flesh, Uta owns the Hysy ArtMask Studio in the 4th Ward. Despite his appearance, he is said to be a calm ghoul who speaks kindly and makes masks for both ghouls and human customers alike. Although he is friends with Yomo Renji, he used to get into a lot of fights with him which caused the 4th ward to become uninhabitable.

Meet Chinese cosplayer, LALAax! She has one of the most amazing galleries I’ve seen! Please visit her in Facebook, Deviant Art, World Cosplay, Cure, or Weibo! Thanks to Kise for sharing this!

Source: LALAax on Deviant Art
First Seen in: Kise Cvs on Google+

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