10 February 2015

Noblesse: Tao

noblesse cosplay - tao by syoya

A gifted programmer and hacker, Tao is a former member of the DA-5 just as Takeo was. He possesses a genius-level intelligence in the technological fields, but his love for technology has also left him lonely, before he met Woo Ik-Han to whom he shares a kinship with. Nevertheless, he is actually a sociable guy who is able to adapt to his surrounding environment very quickly.

Syoya (昂昂), a cosplayer from Hong Kong, makes a very handsome Tao, quite possibly more handsome than the character she’s cosplaying! Please support the cosplayer by visiting her sites: Facebook, World Cosplay, and Ample!

Source: Syoya (昂昂) on World Cosplay

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