14 January 2015

Noblesse: Takeo

noblesse cosplay - takeo by dioeraclea

A former member of the Union’s special forces, Takeo is a modified human who is an excellent sniper of the DA-5. Unlike the other members of his team, Takeo was tricked into working for the Union by Dr. Aris as she pretended to be his sister who was being held captive by the Union. He eventually finds out the truth and decides to switch sides along with Tao, pledging loyalty to Cadis Etrama Di Raizel and Frankenstein.

This is probably one of my favorite cosplays from DioEraclea. It looks like a scene from the manhwa! I mean, just looks at the ponytail hair flip! Please give her your support by visiting her Deviant Art Gallery!

Source: DioEraclea on Deviant Art

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