23 March 2014

Queen's Blade: Nanael

Ichigo Rei asked:
Have you ever been to conventions outside your own country? And if so, are there any differences between them?
Let me say first for those who do not know it yet, I’m from the Philippines. I do go to some conventions here, but since I am usually a seller, I don’t really have a lot of time to roam around and take photos of cosplayers.

To answer Ichigo’s question, yes, I have gone to conventions in two other countries: Sakura Con 2004 in Seattle, USA, and Anime Evolution 2004 in Vancouver, Canada. I guess in the US and Canada, conventions tend to have a lot more going on, all at the same time? There’s an event hall with an emcee, yes, but they also have theater rooms that show anime episodes and movies if you’re not interested in watching the program. Sakura Con also had a lot of special guests, including anime directors, Japanese and American voice actors, and a lots of anime and manga artists. They even had a mini concert and a cosplay ball.

Both the conventions I went to in the West also lasted until far into the evening. Not to mention, their events are usually in fairly huge locations, so it’s well worth the money spent for your entrance fee!

I have to say though, even though local conventions are a lot of fun too. And since local conventions are smaller, we tend to have more time to talk to our favorite manga artists and give them gifts! I’ve yet to try being a seller in Western Cons, but I’m sure they’re just as fun.

Anyway, I hope that answers your question! Feel free to ask me more questions via the comment section of this post. As for this week’s feature, please do let me know if you have any idea who she is cosplaying as! Thanks, Marcello!

EDIT: Thanks to San Celluz for letting me know that she is Nanael from Queen's Blade!


  1. She is Nanael from Queen's Blade :D

    1. Welp! It seems that I missed this comment, thanks! I've properly edited and tagged this entry~