06 February 2011

日本鬼子: Hinomoto Oniko

unknownI think I have an idea who this character is, but I can’t place a name to it.

Remember how the Chinese illustrated the Japanese as “devils” or “demons” because of their cruelty back in World War II? I seem to recall reading a recent Japanese retaliation by turning that character “moe”.

Then again, there are a lot of miko characters out there and she could be one of those too. Otherwise, her hair’s like Yuuko’s.

Any guesses? Thanks to Madelynne for sending this!

EDIT: Thank you to everyone who commented! I will add her as Hinomoto Oniko because more people seem to think she is that Japanese Devil, moe-fied! Thanks again, everyone!


  1. Ange: Okami? Doesn't she have white hair?

    Yue: ...hm, then I guess maybe not? Ahaha. ._.;;; This is so confusing.

  2. ...ok, I did not mean to do that, but-

    Sorry, Yue, the sit linked was a R18 at least. Thanks for the reference though! I will keep it in mind.

  3. She reminds me of the girl swordsmaster from the Death Squad in Fairy Tail. Ikagura, or something like that. If I can remember her name, I'll post it here again.

  4. i think she's cosplaying vampire princess miyu..

  5. Atachi: Let me know when you figure it out! :3

    Knue Knue: hm... possibly? But I think Miyu's kimono has different sleeves than this one's.

  6. Perhaps, she is Anma Ai from Jigoku Shoujo

  7. Just saw this randomly, but she kind of reminds me of that character from HellGirl? I haven't seen it, so I'm not sure but it seems to look a bit like her. However, there are so many with similar hairstyles too....>.>

    It looks nice though. :)

  8. The character's name is Hinomoto Oniko. And, that explanation about the Chinese illustrating the Japanese as devils and Japan turning it moe is correct.

  9. Hinomoto Oniko is what i say also.. the sleeves from the kimono might be a bit different though.. as for the rest it realy looks like her