31 March 2014

DC Comics: Justice League 02

dc comics cosplay - justice league

Back in the 1970’s, every superhero fan wanted to go to Ohio or Florida to see their favorite superhero waterskiing in Sea World. The show ran from 1976 to 1979, featuring talented skiers in their late teens of early twenties. This promotional poster does not even feature all of the skiers in the show according to Noblemania.

For this feature though? Let’s pa tribute to the following:

Wonder Woman by Kaci Whittenton (Hedstrum)
Batgirl by (currently unknown)
Supergirl by Gay Schwartz (Peteet)
Mera by Debbie Blake
Black Canary by Randi Tetrick
Robin by Randy Messer
Batman by Randy Jones
Superman by Andy Hansen
Aquaman by Tom Weber
Flash by Sharkey Schwartz

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, Ross!

Source: Rum Martini on Facebook

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