19 March 2014

Yami no Matsuei: Tatsumi Seiichiro

yami no matsuei cosplay - tatsumi seiichiroThe secretary of the Shokan Division, Tatsumi Seiichiro has full control over department finances, giving him substantial influence over Chief Konoe. When working on cases, usually assisting Tsuzuki and Hisoka, he partners with Watari Yutaka, a scientist in charge of computer maintenance and repair. In addition to the standard abilities of the shinigami, Tatsumi has the ability to manipulate shadows both as weapons and as a means of transport.

A pretty simple yet effective cosplay! Tatsumi was one of my favorite characters in the series, but I’m guessing that’s mainly because he’s wearing glasses. Please visit Kazuma(一馬)’s profile for more of her cosplays!

Source: 一馬|∀`*)ノシ on Cosplayers Archive

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