16 March 2014

Girls & Panzer: Kawashima Momo

girls & panzer cosplay - kawashima momo from japan comiket 85My question for this week:

“Did you study photography?”

Back in college, I had to take a photography class, and we got to use SLRs. Not the digital ones that are more commonly used today, but the manual SLR camera with rolls of film and light meters. It’s very different because you can’t say for certain that you’ve caught the perfect shot until you get your film developed. As a result, photography was quite an expensive class to take, but I definitely enjoyed it! Especially the part where I got to develop my own film in the dark room!

I know my recent photos are not really that good, but hopefully I can take better ones next time! Please continue leaving questions for me to answer in Cosplay Holic’s Facebook Page or through the comments section on this blog! Thanks again, Marcello, for the amazing pictures from Japan Comiket 85!

Source: Marcello Masiero on Flickr

EDIT: Thanks to Amateur Cameko for letting me know this is Kawashima Momo from Girls & Panzer!


  1. Momo Kawashima from Girls & Panzer

    1. Thanks Cameko! Edited and tagged~ o(^v^*)o

  2. Have you ever been to conventions outside your own country? And if so, are there any differences between them?

  3. You have a certain standard for your blog. How come you don't post the sexier photos I send?

  4. Are you a Japanese mangaka?