11 November 2011

Vocaloid 2: Megurine Luka 12

vocaloid 2 cosplay - megurine luka 12 by ariaHai to kasu eikō mai oriru yami ni
Glory turning into ash, swooping down to the darkness

Somari ochiru sekijaku no karuma
Crimson dyed karma falls

Urei o dai te mata tachi agaru no
Lost in sadness, I'm still trying to get up

Sōkoku no hate ni nanimo mie naku temo
We're at the end of rivalry, even so nothing can be seen

I am always alone...

"Corruption Garden"
Lyrics and Translation by

Another fantastic cosplay by Aira! She’s really one of those cosplayers who can transform herself into the character perfectly!

…but whoa, this photo is just a little bit creepy. I wouldn’t want my reflection to do that! Thanks to Ben for sending this in!


  1. I wonder the setting was done in a bathroom from some fancy hotel of a sort. Those knobs look suspiciously like taps from a sink ^^

    That aside, what a beautiful photo!

  2. Makes me wonder what scenario lead to this picture. Was it a) she wanted a mirror in the first place and the sink was the first accessible one b) she saw the sink and suddenly had and inspiration for a cosplay photo or c) she suddenly went "hey you know what would be fun? a cosplay photo standing on a sink" XD

    It is an amazing cosplay. I've heard the decorative bow is hard to accomplish.

  3. Syaza: That's a good guess... or the cosplayer is really rich and that's really her bathroom. :D

    Anon: Your guess is as good as mine! :p I think she probably saw the bathroom and thought it would be perfect for a Luka cosplay since Luka has a lot of gold trimmings on her clothes. :3