29 November 2011

Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo’s Dungeon: Croma

final fantasy fables: chocobo's dungeon cosplay - croma by martin

A mysterious Black Magician, Croma is said to originally be the Oracle of Darkness until the Destroyer began his rampage. Because of his weakened state, Croma encouraged her sister, Shirma, to aid the other Oracles in summoning the Guardian Beast in order to seal the town’s memories, and thus include the Destroyer.

…well, that’s the only thing I can gather about Croma from the FF Wiki. It’s probably the wrong Croma, but this is definitely another amazing cosplay by Martin! According to him, this cosplay debuted on the 16th of October at the EB Games Expo 2011, Gold Coast Australia:

The staff lights up in the dark, made from a glowing diamond and neon-shoelaces. The costume also glows in the dark.

Now his fans can ask for a photo of this at night or in a dark room, yes? Thanks again to Martin for sharing this with us!

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