08 November 2011

Gyakuten Saiban 4: Mitsurugi Reiji and Garyu Kyouya

gyakuten saiban 4 / apollo justice / phoenix wright: ace attorney cosplay - mitsurugi reiji / miles edgeworth and garyu kyouya / klavier gavinProsecutor Gavin, exactly what are you looking at? And why are your lips puckered? Prosecutor Edgeworth looks a bit… concerned by your demeanor, and I don’t really blame him either!

For those who haven’t played the game yet, that is what Mitsurugi Reiji (Miles Edgeworth) looked like when he was still a young prosecutor. I was afraid of writing anything more than that because I don’t want to spoil anyone from their game, but does anyone remember when we first saw Miles in this attire? I think it was Trials and Tribulations, but I’m not sure!

This reminds me though, I think I still have Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney on my Nintendo DS. Perhaps it’s about time I play it again. Thanks again to Ophelia for sending this in!

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