18 November 2011

Final Fantasy X: Yuna and Tidus 02

final fantasy x cosplay - yuna and tidus 2 by macon agtual and dycee co

Yuna’s fateful meeting with Tidus caused her to begin questioning some of Yevon’s teachings. When she learned of the hypocrisy in Yevon’s upper levels, her faith was shaken, but she perused her pilgrimage despite Tidus’ and Rikku’s protests. It was only when she was confronted with the truth of the Final Summoning and the “spiral of death” that her trust in Yevon was finally shattered.

Nicole, the contributor, mentioned that “they had to shoot this in location, at a beach in waist deep waters at night :)”. I’m glad they did, because this is just beautiful! Stunning photography by Foodtrip and awesome cosplaying by Macon Agtual as Yuna with Dycee Co as Tidus!


  1. What a beautiful addition to this blog! I'm really glad that they shot this at night too. Kudos to both cosplayers and the photographer in charge of this shoot <3

  2. We got Nicole to thank for that. :D