28 November 2011

Naruto: Momochi Zabuza 03

naruto cosplay - momochi zabuza 3 by kenneth

Initially portrayed as aggressive, arrogant, and cruel, Momochi Zabuza was willing to become Gato’s thug in order to gain enough funds to start a second coup d’état on the Mizukage. He was also willing to kill anyone who stood in his path, including Gato once Zabuza had the money he needed. He used his own men as his pawns to fulfill his ambitions, including Haku whom he raised to be an efficient tool.

This is apparently Kenneth's first cosplay! He wrote in his email that he is living in Singapore, working as a personal trainer. I believe that shows quite well in this photo, am I right? Thanks again to Kenneth for sharing this with us!


  1. Nice cosplay (and sexy sixpack)

    i wonder if its heavily photoshoped but evenso nice work! love the eyes also.. this is one of the rare times i wish i could view the picture in a higher resolution :)

  2. *pokes own flabby belly*
    If only I could have him as a personal trainer--and I do mean that in a non-sexual way XD

    Anyway, awesome cosplay! I bet he had a lot of fangirls flocking over to him for pictures and hugs.

  3. 愛子: I'll ask for permission first before I upload the higher resolution. :D And well, he is a trainer, so I wouldn't be surprised if those were real six packs. :3

    Syaza: Lol~ Syaza~ xDDD And yeah, I wouldn't mind taking a photo with him too. <3