25 November 2011

Gundam: Exia, RX-78, Z-plus

There is no way that I am a Gundam expert, and neither is my Chinese language skills all that well, so I’m relying on the comments posted in the video’s page to say that this is a “family” of Gundams: Exia, RX-78, and Z-Plus! Please do correct me if I’m wrong, and feel free to comment on their proper names so I can edit this!

…and am I right to say this was actually a wedding? Oh wow, talk about a unique approach! Thank you so much to Tania for sharing this video with us!


  1. t-t-this is so cool!! :D :D

    lol I love Gundam!! I wish I could cosplay like that xDD looks like funn~~

  2. And they got married that way too. :D I love couples who have and share the same interest! <3