27 November 2011

Cosplay Tutorial: Gems that Glow

Because a lot of people on Cosplay Holic's Facebook FanPage seem to be interested in advanced techniques for cosplays, I've decided to post this video by Kamui:

Frankly, I quite surprised that you can actually add lights to your cosplays. This is perfect for World of Warcraft cosplays as well any of the series produced by CLAMP.

So, what do you guys think? Would you like to see more posts like this in the future? Please leave your comments in this post and let me know! And after you do that, visit Kamui for more of her awesome cosplays!


  1. i wouldnt mind a post like this once in a while :) can be useful as a reference, i dont know how the subs were cuz i speak german but the explanation was very good and easy to understand

  2. This was really interesting and educational to watch :)
    I've always wondered how cosplayers add lights to their costumes. Usually I've only seen lights in guns, staffs and armors. Seeing them in gems is a first for me.

  3. 愛子: Oh wow, you can? Then that's great, 'coz now I know the German was easy to understand too! <3

    Syaza: I was blown away when I first watched it. xD I always thought gems were only clear plastic with aluminum foil underneath. I guess the prettier ones (like in the video) are just a little bit more complicated than I thought! :D

  4. this! is great but does anyone mind translating the first few material's name for me? =x

  5. It's not translated on the subtitles?

    Well, it would be best to ask the cosplayer herself, I guess! :D You can find her blog in the link provided in the article. :3