19 November 2011

Original: Gothic Lolita Rachel

original cosplay - gothic lolita rachelI’ve been getting a lot of requests for more of Rachel’s photos, so I decided to post this one as well. :)

This is her original “cosplay”, gothic lolita style! Rachel has emailed me that she is really encouraged to do more cosplay now because of the positive feedback she has been receiving!

Good job, Rachel! I know I’ll be looking forward to more of her work and cheering her on, what about you guys? Thanks again to Rachel for sharing this with us!


  1. i like this one better then youre previous ones showed here on cosplay holic.. the fact that i have a soft spot for gothic lolita's counts also ofcourse.

    Keep on sending more cosplays Rachel!
    youre doing great! love to see more of you :)

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  3. Haha, I too have a soft spot for gothic lolitas~ ;p Which is probably why I love Rozen Maiden so much, even though the anime didn't really "end". Who would get to be Alice??? Dx