05 November 2011

The King of Fighters ‘95: Yagami Iori 02

the king of fighters '95 cosplay - yagami iori 2To be honest, she looks more like Vice than she does Iori.

But I’ve checked her costume, and that belt choker is definitely Iori’s as Vice has a ribbon around her neck. The black and white color scheme is also Iori’s signature, and the hair is too long to be Vice’s.

But she’s definitely a girl cosplayer, and this is definitely from the King of Fighters. So if anyone would like to tell me which character from the game she’s actually from, I’d be really grateful. For now though, I will be labeling this cosplay as Yagami Iori.

Maybe Iori has a sister? I don’t know. I do know that this is in my old hard drive, and I think she’s quite cute, so I’ll just share it with you guys right here.

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