06 November 2011

School Rumble: Harima Kenji 02

school rumble cosplay - harima kenji 2 by demihumanAlthough he began drawing manga as a means of escape from his unrequited love, Harima Kenji later became serious about it and decided to enter an amateur manga contest. He received an honorable mention, and allowed Tsukamoto Yakumo to become his editor, the only one Kenji trusted to read his manga. This desire to keep his work secret, however, ended up with misinterpretations that Kenji and Yakumo were actually dating.

That’s such an adorable trait from Kenji, and an excellent cosplay by Demihuman! I’d love to see what he’s actually drawing on that piece of paper. Thanks to Desiree for sending this!


  1. Oh wow, such nostalgia! Not a bad cosplay at all :D

  2. I thought the same. xD And he looks so serious drawing manga, that I couldn't resist!

  3. My favorite anime comedy. Not bad cosplaying of Harima.