13 April 2016

Fushigi Yuugi: Yuki Miaka 03

fushigi yuugi musical cosplay - yuki miaka by tanaka reinaMiaka is an outgoing, optimistic individual who has a tendency to be guileless and sentimental. Although she seems naive, she tends to surprise people with her insightful comments. She can be generous to a fault, and cares greatly for others, perceiving herself to be a considerate person.

Miaka also loves to eat, and is interested in any types of food. She is also an avid fan of anime, imitating several characters during the course of the story.

What do you guys think of Tanaka Reina’s portrayal of Miaka? You might recognize her as a former member of Morning Musume, and now the current leader of the four-member girls band, “LoVendoЯ”!

I’m curious, has anyone here seen the musical yet? Was it any good? Thanks again to Mica for sharing this!

Source: Amipro
First Seen on: Crunchyroll

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