08 April 2016

Zootopia: Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde

zootopia cosplay - judy hopps and nick wilde

Judy Hopps, a bunny from rural Bunnyburrow, fulfilled her childhood dream in becoming the first rabbit officer of Zootopia. However, even though she graduated at the top of her class, Chief Bogo still doubts her potential and assigned her to parking duty. She later meets Nick Wilde and Finnick, partners in crime, during one of her shifts.

Well, aren’t these two the cutest couple you’ve ever seen? Please support Chinese cosplayers SeeU and Xiao Xiao Bai as Judy and Nick respectively by visiting their Facebook pages! Thanks to Kristine for sending this in!


  1. Stay also cosplayed Nick Wilde. You should visit her in Facebook.

    1. Thanks for the heads up! I'll definitely look into it! ^_^