05 April 2016

Card Captor Sakura: Yue 04

card captor sakura cosplay - yue by loki heart

In contrast to his kind and gentle alter-ego, Yue is a serious and aloof individual who is extremely loyal to Clow Reed. Similarly, although Yukito is fond of Sakura, Yue is reluctant to accept her. As the series progresses, however, Yue begins to respond to Sakura’s request that, rather than being his master, she wanted to be his friend.

This series of photos of Loki Heart cross-playing shocked me; in a very good way! I’ve always admired her cosplays as female characters, but I never thought she would cosplay one of my favorite male characters! (Although technically, CLAMP did state that Yue is neither human nor male!)

Please support her in her new Facebook Page: Loki Heart! Thanks again for letting me feature this!

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