09 April 2016

China's Cosplay Boom

chinese cosplay from novels

I was watching NHK Newsline yesterday and saw an interesting segment about “China’s Growing Love Affair with Cosplay”. Apparently, cosplay events are being held in Beijing every weekend! That’s right, every weekend!!!

And this hobby is not limited to the fans of anime and manga. A politician from the city of Shaoxing is cosplaying in order to promote local tourists spots where plum flowers were in bloom. And she is getting a lot of positive reactions for her photos!

One cosplayer, Liu Siqi, is a freshman at a university who says cosplaying allows her to escape from reality. And that she likes meeting and making new friends through events.

I’m sure a lot of cosplayers will agree with Liu, but events every weekend? If that were to happen in the Philippines, I wonder if event organizers would be able to earn any profit? What’s more, cosplaying is a fairly expensive hobby!

If you’re interested in the full article, or if you’d like to watch the video, please visit NHK’s website. I’m curious though, would you attend cosplay events occurring every weekend if it happened in your country? Would you cosplay as well, or look around?

Also, if anyone knows who they are cosplaying as, please do let me know so that I can add a proper tag for them!

Source: NHK World

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