16 April 2016

Final Fantasy XIII-2: Noel Kreiss

final fantasy xiii-2 cosplay - noel kreiss by yuu asaka

A cocky yet soft-spoken individual, Noel Kreiss is a self-sufficient hunter  who suffers from amnesia due to the effects of a time paradox. As he is from a future where humans are almost extinct, Noel has trouble with his speech and can be very straight-forward. He loves to explore new places and meet new people, but he tends to be overprotective, evident with his first meeting with Serah despite hardly knowing her.

Just look at that amazing weapon! The details for this cosplay are absolutely stunning!

If you love this cosplay, please be sure to support Japanese cosplayer, Yuu Asaka on her Archive, Blog, Cure, Tumblr, Twitter, or World Cosplay accounts! Thanks to Louie for sending this in!

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